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HTM 17300 Final: Final reviewExam

Hospitality and Tourism Management
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HTM 17300
Stephan Leitch
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Final review
Vacation has become a national health and wellness strategy for many countries because
- Travel can be a healing mechanism
- Travel has become less affordable than ever before
- Development in information technology has facilitated ease of travel
- Travel should not be purposeful
- Travel is an inexpensive leisure
Providing a memorable destination experience involve engaging all five senses of a traveler
- True
- False
Age is related to
- Only the amount of money spent on leisure
- Only the type and extent of activities followed
- Only the amount of leisure time available for travel
- Both the amount of leisure time available for travel and the type and extent of activities
This form of promotion is more effective during the early buying process stages
- Informative
- Implicit
- Explicit
- Persuasive
- Sales
Because of the ___________, travelers from collectivist cultures may take crowdedness in a
restaurant as a cue for good food quality and safe dining choice
- Short term orientation
- Risk aversion tendency
- Altruistic tendency
- Restraint tendency
One advantage of business travel over video conferencing is
- Less time needed
- Cheaper
- Allow individuals to emotionally connect with others
- Less amount of time needed
One of the principles of sustainable tourism development is to improve the quality of life of the
host community
- True
- False
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People from ___________ tend to communicate ideas and opinions in an implicit way
- Low tolerance cultures
- High tolerance cultures
- Low content cultures
- High content cultures
In the United States, most of the business travel destinations are located in metropolitan areas
- True
- False
Personal resources such as a person’s time, finances, knowledge, skills, attitudes and networks
can impact the production of an experience and its intensity
- True
- False
One of the major advantages of direct marketing and CRM is
- It can be highly personalized. Marketers collect data and customize messages to specific
- The consistency high response rate
- It is high pass- along rate
- It is easy to get and maintain mailing lists
- It costs very little
Input-output analysis is a superior tool in measuring the income effects than the end and the ad
hoc or simple multiplier
- True
- False
_____________ is a theory that outlines how a consumer makes a decision that he or she
deems as maximizing their expected value
- Identification theory
- Personal value theory
- Benefit theory
- Expected value/ utility theory
the message __________ is what to be communicated in the promotion
The three branches of tourism are inbound, outbound and ___________
This method examines the interactions among economic sectors
- Input-output analysis
- Structural analysis
- Cost/benefit analysis
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