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PHYS 241 Final Exam Crib Sheet

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PHYS 24100
Oanas Malis

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Emf generated: Rms Current: Transformers: A circuit break is rated Assume switch has been for a current of 20 A rms closed a long time so there at a voltage of 240 V is a steady current in the rms. inductor. Assume L=2H, a)What is the largest R1=103 R2 13 and Inductive Reactance: value of I that the the emf = 11V. Average Pwr to a resistor: breaker can carry? Irms=Ipeak/sqrt(2) * Average Power: Average power to an Applied Potential Drop: b)What average power can be supplied by this circuit? Inductor or a capacitor is 0 Find the battery current: P=Vrms*Irms . I=emf/R=11/13 Impedance Z: *At resonance, the impedance of a series RLC *Current in larger resistor An inductor has a circuit equals the reactance of 135 ohm at (R1)=0* resistance R. 85 Hz. A)What is its inductance? XL=2pifL Current in the inductor is the Q Factor: The primary of a step- same as current through R2 down transformer has 245 135=2pi(85)L b/c the circuit has been turns and is connected to a closed for a long time 120 Vrms line. The Current: B)What is its reactance secondary is to supply 27 A at 170 Hz? XL=2pi(170) at 9 V. A)Find the current in (.25278) the primary. V1I1=V2I2 Poynting Vector: B)Find the number of turns .25 is found in part A in the secondary, assuming Phase Angle: 100% efficiency. Displacement Current: V2=(N2/N1)V1 *At resonance, the current and generator voltage are in phase A 215 turn coil has an area A 7uF capacitor is charged to A beam of wavelength of The first excited state of A parallel-plate capacitor of 4.5cm^2 and rotates in a 33 V and is then connected 520 nm in air travels in an atom of a gas is has circular radius 3.1 magnetic field of 0.5 T. across a 11-mH inductor. water. What is the new 3.7eV above the ground separated by 1.1 mm. A)How much energy is stored wavelength? 520/1.33 state. What is the Charge is flowing at a rate a)What frequency will in the system? wavelength of radiation of 7A. Find time rate of generate a maximum emf U=.5CV^2=.5(7uF) for resonance change of the electric field of 10 V? (33)^2B)What is the frequency absorption? between the plates. of oscillation of the circuit? The energy carried by 300 Wavelength= 1240eVnm E=Q/eAdE/dt=(dQ/dt)/ f=V/(2piNBA)=10/ W=2pif=1/sqrt(LC) C)What is photons is 2.5e-16J. What / 3.7eV= 335 nm If the (eA)=I/(eA)=7/(8.85e- (2pi*215*.5*.00045) the maximum current in the is the frequency of one of gas is irradiated with 12*pi(.031)^2) circuit? Ipeak=wQ, Q=CV, these photons? monochromatic light of b)If the coil rotates at 60 Ipeak=2pi*f*C*V 265 nm wavelength, Hz, what is the maximum 2.5e-16/300=8.33e- what is the wavelength emf? 198.33e-19=6.626e-34v of the Raman scattered A ray of light passes from air 60=V/(2piNBA) into water, striking the light? Wavelength A pulse from a ruby laser =1240/[(1240/265)-3.7] surface with an angle. What (wavelength=694.3 nm) has an
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