PSY 12000 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Hypothalamus, Midbrain, Action Potential

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Psychology: scientific study of the behavior and mind: uses the scientific method in order to achieve an answer. Behavior- observable actions that can be directly measured systematically. Goals of psychology: describe- collect data, analyze results, predict- estimate outcomes based on data, understand- (why?) reasons for the outcomes, modify- change the outcomes in positive ways. Misconceptions about psychology: psychology is all about mental disorders, psychologists are best at predicting individual behavior as opposed to general patterns for larger groups of people, psychology is no better or different than intuition or logic . What do psychologists do: clinical psychologists. Diagnose and treat mental disorders: psychologists vs. Psychiatrists- earn medical degree and can prescribe medicine to their patients: research psychologists. Research and publish articles or journals about the human behavior and mind. Different focuses/paths (ex. cognitive psych, personality psych: applied psychologists. Applied psychology- finding practical uses for research. Applying what is discovered into the real world.