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QUAT 116Rebecca MellaSpring

[AT 116] - Final Exam Guide - Everything you need to know! (23 pages long)

OC121603223 Page
Swim -30 minutes (casual for distance not speed) Swim - 30 minutes (casual for distance not speed) ** heart rate zone is between 98 bpm and 117 bpm** *
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QUAT 116Rebecca MellaSpring

AT 116 Final: Child, Adolescent, Pregnant, Elderly, and Diabetic Populations and Resistance Training and Exercise Goals (Special Groups)

OC18242363 Page
8-19 years (females) and 10 to 22 (males) Dramatic differences in strength, sports skills, and performance. Increase in vo2 max function of growth in l
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QUAT 116Rebecca MellaSpring

AT 116 Study Guide - Final Guide: Cardiac Output, Epiphyseal Plate, Gestational Diabetes

OC121603217 Page
4 ways we determine cv intensity: monitor the following, heart rate, oxygen consumption rate, metabolic equivalents (met, ratings of perceived exertion
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