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SO 101 Final: SO 101 FInal readings

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SO 101

SO101 Final Exam Review SP17 READINGS!!!! 1. Davis& Moore, “ Some Principles of Stratification” a. Nurture b. Functionalist c. ExistingDataAnalysis d. Thisreading describeshow socialinequality isbeneficial and thatdifferentjobsentail differing amountseffortputintothem,therefore deserving unequal rewards. Itdescribes how job stratificationcanbe explained by differential reward eitherby its importance in society or the greatest training andtalent required. 2. Marx & Engels, “OnClass” a. Nurture b. Conflict c. ExistingDataAnalysis d. SocialInequality is bad, eliminate it because it creates classes 3. Higley, “The U.S. Upper Class” e. Nurture f. Functionalist g. ExistingDataAnalysis h. Thisreading talks aboutwhatbeingapart ofthe upperclassentails.There are specific stepsandinstitutionsthat are necessary tobe a partof includingthings like going toprep school, goingto an ivy league college, orbeing apartofacountry club. There are certain organizationsamemberof the upperclasscan be a partofthatare very exclusive and ultimately discriminatory, only lettingin white, Angle-Saxon, Protestant 2. Morris& Grimes,“MovingUp from the WorkingClass” a. Nurture b. Conflict c. Interview d. Thisreading talks abouthow the influence ofgrowingupin a workingclass family has ona person'soccupations, values,expectations,etc. Cultural, social, andeconomic capitalall hadinfluence on the livesof the subjects.Itsays how this has consequences foryour future, setting 3. Ehrenreich, “Nickel andDimed” a. Nurture b. Conflict c. ParticipantObservation SO101 Final Exam Review SP17 d. Thisreading talks aboutthe accountofawomanwhoactsas amember of the workingclass. She describes the daily difficulties of having multiple jobsand how demandingandalmost inhumane the work for them is andshe barely makesenough money toget by. She endsthe passage by sayingthat these people need to learnttheirworth andthat they are treated poorly andshouldnothave tolive such adifficult life. 4. Gans, “The Uses ofPoverty: The PoorPay All” a. Nurture b. Functionalist c. ExistingDataAnalysis d. Thisarticle talks aboutthe functionsof poverty such as the poormaintainworkingclassjobs (dirty work), having adirectculturalfunction, helping tomaintain hierarchal positions, or enablingupwardmobility of those a member ofthe classjust above them.It alsotalks about how the alternative to having poverty wouldcreate immense dysfunctionforthe more affluentclasses above them. /react-text 5. Wilson,“JoblessPoverty: ANew Formof SocialDislocationinthe InnerCity Ghetto” a. Nurture b. Conflict c. Survey d. Thisarticle talks aboutthe livesof the poorandconditionsandcauses oftheirsituation. Wilsondescribeshow acommunity of jobless poor people isworse offthanacommunity of people in poverty. He talks abouthow the livingsituationand environment for these inner city residents isdifficult to deal withandescape, especially for youngpeople due toalack of community bondsandsocialinstitutions. He talksabouthow difficult it isforinner city residentsto get jobs because of statistical discrimination(race) andchallenges with legislature. 6. Liebow, “The LivesofHomelessWomen” a. Nurture b. Functionalist c. ParticipantObservation d. In this article, Liebow goestoa women'sshelter andobserves the women there, befriending many of them.He describes the difficulty inalleviating the stigmathatgoes alongwithbeing ahomelesswoman and that it ishardto be empathetic. He describesempathy and how itis impossible to feelexactly as anotherdoesin asituation.He tellshow these women are describesas"alcoholics," "drugaddicts," and"mentally ill" because oftheirhomeless situationandthatifthey were inadifferent environment that they wouldnotbe labeled as such (justexplaining). SO101 Final Exam Review SP17 7. Lawson,“AttackingNicely: Women SellingCars” a. Nurture b. Functionalist c. Observation& Interview d. Thisarticle discussedgender inequality in asituation of acar dealershipandmen and women sellingcars.Lawson talks aboutthe differentstrategies women developfor participating in thistype of work. Women enter roles such as Innocents,Ladies, Tough Guys, Reformers, andRetreaters. The article explains how these women adaptto the gender inequality andabrasivenessof the cardealing business. 8. Meyer,“IfHitler askedyou to electrocute a Stranger, Would you?Probably” a. Nurture b. Conflict c. FieldExperiment d. Thisarticle givesremarksaboutanexperimentdone by Milgramwhere subjectswere asked toshock aninnocentmanstrapped toachairwith increasing shocks.Despite each level of variation, increasing the painanddiscomfortlevelofthe man, many people continued to shock him.The issue being addresse
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