04:189:101 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Guide: Organizational Communication, Stepfamily, Smoke Signal

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04:189:101 Full Course Notes
04:189:101 Full Course Notes
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Chapter 1: reviewing the purpose of a communication field of study. Challenge because it"s a basic part of our daily lives. So essential that we might take it for granted. Impoartant to understand the actions + reactions that impact relationships we form. Interactions make yourself feel good make us successful. Although it"s a process we do daily, comm. Different forms (face to face, social media, etc) Studying communication can help us learn more about: Listening, reading, verbal, writing, sociability, problem solving/ critical thinking, self- management, diversity. Implementation of ideas (deciding (interaction, challenges, etc) on a task see it go through) Theory: idea with some consensus, guide to our understanding. Theory is our way of making it into practice. Personal theories: we all have them-without them each situation would be new and unique; some are more explicit than others, some are less. Ex: door knob-it"s going to open and we predict that it"s going to.