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04:189:101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Ms Mr, Chronemics, Paralanguage

Communication and Informatio
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Galina Bolden
Study Guide

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Professor Galina Bolden
Communication 101
- “You Cannot not communicate”
- No matter what you do, you will always be communicating, even nonverbally
Native vs Scholarly Theories
A theory we come up with personally. Often
based on our own experience
Based on systematic observation, questioned
/ studied, has validity, reliability, utility, subject
to change!
- Paradigms & anomalies
- Ideas we have. Anomalies contradict paradigms
- MS ≠ MR
- Message sent does not equal message received
- S → M → R → = E
- Source, Message, Receiver, Effect
- One way vs Two Way models of communication
- One way only has the sender sending the message while two way has both
sender and receiver sending messages
- Phonetics
- How speech sounds are produced
- Phonology
- How sounds are combined into words
- Syntax
- How words are combined into sentences
- Semantics
- Study about meaning
- Pragmatics
- How language is used
- Paralanguage
- Vocal behaviors
- Proxemics
- Personal space
- Chronemics
- Use of time
- Micro: How they talk
- Macro: When you have a conversation
- Kinesics
- Emblems: Translate to language (Thumbs up)
- Illustrators: Doctoral representation of words (Chopping onions with your hand)
- Baton Signals: Emphasize words
- Tie-Signs: Indicate relationships
- Adaptors: Idiosyncratic movements (Moving foot randomly)
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