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Communication and Information
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1Communication 101 Spring 2013 Intro and Syllabus12213 Definitions What is communicationClass answers o How you tellexpress information through thoughts messages body language etc o How to express your own thoughts and also how you receive and listen to the information and messages around you o Process where you give and take information o The ability to understand and react to a message o Verbal and nonverbal communication o Visually you can take in information o Tech can play a huge role in how we communicationProfessors answers o A twoway at least process of interchanging information thoughts opinions ideas o UnidirectionalBidirectionalMultidirectional Unidirectional Oneway not one partyOne party is running the communication and relays the informationMass mediaBidirectional TwowayYou send and receive messagesHaving a conversation with a friendMultidirectional Several parties involved in the communication and conversationThe video The meeting was multidirectional because there were multiple parties and everyone has a chance to participate and say somethingEvery person is a party but we say party and not people because there can be parties that are peopleEx animals o VerbalNonverbal o Context interpersonal small groups mass o Medium Facetoface mediated In this course we will explore communication as a phenomenon that has a crucial role in our livesCommunication is everywhereIn our close relationships FamilyFriends o Ex how our conversation and the way we communicate will effect a relationshipAt school Talking and interacting in class writing papers o Ex Conveying our thoughts in classAt the workplace interacting with our boss coworkers providing and receiving memos information o Ex relationships with coworkersAt home the internet videogames TV newspapers journals12413 What is Communication 2 An exchange of messages and information with verbal and nonverbal communication across multiple medias and mediums o Nonverbal can also include things like pitch tone etcA twoway at least process of interchanging information thoughts Opinions ideasUnidirectionalBidirectionalMultidirectionalVerbalnonverbalContext interpersonal mass o Interpersonal Relationship o Mass TVMedium Facetoface mediatedo Facetoface in person o Mediated cell phone online chatSo communication is everywhere communication is complex dynamic and unpredictable manifested differently across levels situations contextsHow do we know CommunicationTheories o Cognitive frameworks that guide us to understand phenomena around usCognitive Mental processes and anything that is going on in our headCognitive framework how we think about the things around us and the worldThe way we perceive the world around us o A theory is a way to describe explain predict and control something eg objects people relationships eventsPersonal native theories o Based on our own life experiencesYou date someone and it doesnt work out and then you date another person and the same thing happens and it doesnt work out so based on these experiences you will create your own theories about relationships o Taken for grantedAssume its correct o StableHard to change and always automatic o PrivateScholarly theories o Scientific systematic empiricalSystematic planned and testedEmpirical based on data and experiments o Questioned thus subject to modificationNot taken for grantedTo see if they come up with the same information and in hopes to improve the theoryAnd communication is always changingo Public Mass media scholarly journals conferences etc So what is Communication Communicationsome definitionsCommunication refers to the processes by which verbal and nonverbal messages are used to create and share messages Frey Botan2000
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