01:198:110 Study Guide - Fall 2018, Comprehensive Midterm Notes - Cpu Cache, Central Processing Unit, Random-Access Memory

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01:198:110 Full Course Notes
01:198:110 Full Course Notes
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Cpu - central processing unit ( brains of the computer") Peripherals - input/output devices (mouse/keyboard/anything you plug into it) Price goes down as computers get older (couple years reduces value/price drastically) Moore"s law - capacity doubles every 18 months (more power/faster/better) General purpose - can run multiple programs (supercomputers, mainframe computers, Special purpose - runs only one program, designed to perform a specific function/task; instructions imbedded in computer (home appliances, cars, atm, traffic control) 4 store information (data: 7326090972; info: (732) 609-0972 - user friendly/organized) Control units (that was the machine cycle, preformed billion times a second) Cpu speed, known as clock speed, is measured in hz or hertz, which means cycles per. Performs the mathematical calculations and logical comparisons transforms/transfers information when needed second - measured in ghz (billions of cycles per second) Pipelining - assembly line where multiple things are happen at once/at different stages (ex:

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