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Exercise Science and Sport Studies
Sara Campbell

EXAM REVIEW QUESTIONS Note: Professor Manfredonia fives exam reviews a class or two before the exam (except for exam I) where he tells you the topics that you should review in your notes in preparing for the exam because they are HIGHLY likely to show up on the test. These are those topics… EXAM II what is the only joint that connects the upper extremity to the axial skeleton? what is the common position of shoulder dislocation? what muscle depresses the humeral head during abduction and flexion? what muscle of the RC is hard to heal because of lack of blood supply? supraspinatus (critical zone) the subacromial space will be normal in what type of posture? lumbar lordosis thoracic kyphosis what are the concave convex rule for open chain shoulder movements? what are the true and false joints of the shoulder? what is the loose packed position of the GH joint? what are the structures in the subacromial space? what is not in the subacromial space? what is the ratio of scapulohumeral rhythm? 2:1 what happens during the first 30 degrees of shoulder elevation? soleus and gastroc and bending the knee when the pelvis tilts forward first what happens to the lumbar spine and the hips? penguin versus pigeon toes in anteversion what is the neck shaft angle, coxa vara, coxa valga and does how it relate to leg length? trendelenburg gait reverse and regular hip and trunk hip precautions screw home mechanism unhappy triad in patellofemoral syndrome what muscle are you going to exercise more to keep the kneecap tracking medially (when tracks laterally)? VMO patella movements during knee flexion and extension Q-angle what it does to the knee pes anserine ACL PLC MCL LCL what they do attachments active insificiency of the biceps what happens to the caprals when you RD UD position of wrist for max grip strength joint center for RD UD concave convex rule of the elbow during flexion where does wrist extension mostly occur which carpal bone when palpating is prominent during passive flexion of the wrist thumb movements passive insufficiency of the hip (knee straight flexed) median nerve involvement in CTS pronator quadratus and teres what they do and where they are manual muscle testing grades best position to improve grip strength listers tubercle joint center for shoulder internal and external rotation ankle is most commonly sprained in what two directions supination of the subtalar joint position of the ankle in subtalar neutral what other tendon is strained when the ATFL is sprained arches in relation of the heel (supination and valgus) over pronated foot what tendon is strained closed packed position of the ankle unweighted or weighted (T/F) ACL and hamstring versus PCL and quad patella is attached to the IT band via what connective tissue (lateral retinaculum *pic) manual muscle testing pictures what two muscles downward rotate the scapula types of acromion processes and what would be more or less likely to cause a shoulder impingement nerve injury for serratus ant problem FOOSH injury and direction of distal radius is colles and smith fracture EXAM III what are the angle of the facet joints in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine? which SP lines up with the vertebrae which line up with the TP in the thoracic spine? what happens to the neural foramen when you flex or extend the lumbar and cervical spine? PLL of the lumbar spine what are the two muscles that contribute to stability of the lumbar spine? where does most of cervical rotation occur? what happens during retraction of the cervical spine? where does the SP of the cervical spine go when you turn your head? what happens when you flex or extend with the nucleus populsus? tilting and nodding in terms of the upper cervical spine: where does the occipital condyle go? (when tilt to the right) know shape of the TMJ disc and articular surfaces of the TMJ know where rotation and translation take place in the TMJ what is the 4:1:1 ratio in TMJ? what are the positions to avoid with spondylolisthesis? and spinal stenosis where does the lumbar spine go when you have a over pronated foot? what is the joint center for cervical flexion and extension? what is the position of the upper neck when st
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