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History, American
Margaret Ingate

Donna KwonMarch 5 2009 Mrs HannahSocial Studies Pg 326 Section 3 Review1 a The Barbary pirates were pirates from small countries on the North African coast such as Morocco Algiers Tunisia and Tripoli which were called the Barbary States The Barbary pirates raided European and American ships taking property and enslaving sailors and holding them for ransom b The United States was risking attack from the Barbary pirates when it refused to pay tribute to the Barbary pirates Jefferson believed this was worth the risk because he believed that it would be enough to send warships to sea to protect the American ships Also it boosted confidence in the ability of the United States to deal with foreign powers that threatened America2 a Settlements in the West affected the Native Americans who lived there by spreading new diseases such as measles smallpox and influenza Native Americans also lost valuable hunting ground because of the settlers Farmers also cleared forests for planting causing deer and other animals to be driven away Native American population decreased and the power of their traditional leaders declined b The Native Americans of the West were more likely to favor the British than the Americans because although Americans pushed Native Americans out of their home land the British did not allowing the Natives to keep their land3 After Congress passed a law to undo the Embargo Act Congress passed another law that reopened foreign trade with every cou
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