33:620:302 Study Guide - Crisis Management, Problem Solving

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33:620:302 Full Course Notes
33:620:302 Full Course Notes
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Identify and communicating the right work to be done: designing, implementing, monitoring, and improving the flows of work of the organization so the right work is performed effectively and efficiently, creating positive and productive work environment. The importance of management: prevents health complications, headaches, flu, anxiety, etc. Improves the quality of relationships between members: build trust, stick to your word, maintain member equality, management improves efficiency. People quit bosses, they do not quick jobs. According to the u. s department of labor, american adults spend nearly half of their days at work. Emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, social skills. Integrity; empathy: problem solving, ability to work in a team, communication. Five components to goldman"s self awareness theory: self-awareness, having an understanding of one"s needs, strengths, weaknesses, values, characteristics and goals and the impact that they have on others for constructive criticism. : confident, realistic, self-deprecating sense of humor, thirst: you can control, or redirect, disruptive emotions of impulses, characteristics.