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01:694:301 Study Guide - Final Guide: Pearson Education, Histone H1, IsoleucineExam

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
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F Deis
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Biochemistry: Concepts and Connections (Appling et al.)
Chapter 21 Genes, Genomes, and Chromosomes
1) A bacterial genome is packaged into a nucleoid, which is organized mainly by:
A) interactions with protein.
B) being bound within a nuclear membrane.
C) supercoiling of the DNA.
D) having many attachment points to the cell membrane.
E) being wrapped around histone proteins.
Answer: C
Objective: 21.1
Global LO: G7
2) Approximately how much of the human genome has a biological function?
A) 90%
B) 80%
C) 60%
D) 50%
E) 40%
Answer: B
Objective: 21.2
Global LO: G7
3) Heterochromatin is transcriptionally active.
Answer: FALSE
Objective: 21.2
Global LO: G7
4) The human genome contains one gene for every protein that can be translated from the
Answer: FALSE
Objective: 21.2
Global LO: G7
5) The linker histone H1 has a high proportion of the following amino acid residue.
A) Leucine
B) Lysine
C) Isoleucine
D) Asparagine
E) Histidine
Answer: B
Objective: 21.3
Global LO: G7
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