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Planning and Public Policy
Janessa Drake

0Public Health Practice Standards of Performance for Local Boards of Health in NJ • KNOW SOUTHERN BURLINGTON V MT LAUREL CASE o Housing was scarce in mt laurel so people who worked there couldn’t live there and had to commute long distances o The town would not build less expensive housing because they did not want poorer people or minorities to come live there o Town would not build more homes o NJ Supreme court said town zoning ordinance excluded entire classes of people including minorities o In 1983 the case went back to the court and the courts once again said that the towns need to find affordable housing 1) Moral environmentalism example: designing better public spaces will cure the ills of poverty and distress in cities 2) John Nolan (IN READING) early advocate for citizen involvement in the decision making process a. Robert moses is famous for building bridges and tunnels in NYC 3) Miasma is general feelings that cities were prone to filth that caused disease 4) Sentiments that poor people are more prone to disease because of race stated by W.B. Dubois 5) In 1906 this person challenged the prevailing belief that race was a determining factor in public health – Dubois 6) Rachel Carson wrote silent spring 7) Marsh was the advocate that planners should advocate social welfare 8) Said that supporter of planners as designers and not social workers – Olmsted JR 9) Daniel Burnham was most famous for his plan for Chicago 10)Olmsted SR designed central park 11)Washington DC designed by Pierre Lafont 12)Said “Make no little plans” – Daniel Burnham 13) The science and practice of protecting the health of the community – ans: What is Public Health? 14) The most significant document in the history of public health – The Shattuck Report AND The Report of the Sanitary Commision of Massachusetts in 1850 (same document) 15) Akey concept in ecosocial epidemiology is, or how throughout our lives we literally incorporate, biologically, the material and social world in which we live – embodiment 16) Geographic neutrality – assumed when environmental regulations control activities that cause pollution Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and LiabilityAct of 1980 – National environmental policy act of 1980 (NEPA) – Clean water act of 1972 – fishable and swimmable water; this was the national goal Open public records act (OPRA) – the government cant keep secrets from you Open public meetings act – we have our meetings out in the open, everyone is able to come FOIA– freedom of information act – fed governments level of NJ’s OPRAlaw Euclid VAmber – slaughterhouse case Mt Laurel – court case about affordable housing Police power – protection of public safety and welfare; when you use police power that’s saying that you are taking over because it is in the n
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