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General Psychology Notes Class 1 (01//23/13): 1. What is Psychology? a. Psyche= mind or soul b. Logos= word c. Past: study of mind or the soul d. Present: Systematic study of behavior and experiences 2. Psychologist Goals a. Clinical Psychologists (PhD) are the most well known type of Psychologists i. Includes: 1. Sensation and perception 2. Learning and memory 3. Physiological functions: hunger, thirst, sleep, sex 4. Development b. Psychiatry (MD) do not spend as much time with a patient, more likely to prescribe drugs c. Psychoanalyst (PhD) “talk therapy” d. Clinical Social Workers (Master’s) e. Couseling Psychologist (PhD or PsyD) 3. General Points about Psychology a. “It Depends” i. Almost every aspect of behavior depends on age ii. Behavior also varies with genetics, health, past experience, state of consciousness iii. Gender iv. Culture 4. “It Depends” a. Seems to imply no real answers b. On the contrary: It DEPENDS implies VARIABLES c. Variables influence our behavior in many ways that are less than obvious d. Applies to animal studies as well: variables MUST be controlled by the researcher 5. Research Progress Depends on Good Measurement a. “Progress in Science depends on new techniques, new discoveries, and new ideas, probable in that order.” -Sidney Brenner 6. Measurement a. Some behavioral topics lend themselves to measurement i. Ex: fever, sleep, decreases in performance under the influence of drugs, etc. ii. No self-reporting necessary iii. Baseline easily obtainable b. Some aspects of psychology are less readily measured i. Ex: happiness, intelligence ii. Either self-reported 7. Some Conclusions Reflect Stronger Evidence than Others a. Alcohol can cause brain damage to an unborn fetus b. Tic in Tourette’s cannot be controlled by will c. Global Warming is real d. People, even experts, often base conclusions on anecdotal, weak or nonexistent evidence. i. Men only care about one thing (anecdotal) ii. Sugar makes kids hyperactive (weak) iii. Marijuana is as dangerous as any drug (nonexistent) 8. Major Philosophical Issues in Psychology a. Free Will vs. Determinism i. The scientific approach to see the immediate causes of am event (a leads to b)
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