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Exam questions 1)Hz refers to: A. Frequency B.Amplitude C. Volume D. Decibels 2) Males are more likely to show an x-recessive disorder because: A) they have more x chromosomes B) they have only 1 x chromosome x C) they have testosterone D) females have estrogen 3) The number of cycles (vibrations) a sound wave goes through in a second (hertz/HZ) is its: c) Frequency 4) Noam Chomsky posited that? a) Transformational grammar is a system for converting a deep structure into a surface structure b) A“double embedded” sentence is most difficult to understand c) Children are born with a “blank slate” d) Language acquisition is the same for all children 5) The pineal gland is controlled by the ____, and secretes______. A) hipposcampus, melatonin B) Hippocampus, dopamine C) Suprachiasmatic nucleus, melatonin D) Suprachiasmatic nucleus, dopamine 6) Eating with the others results in: A) double calories and double time spent eating B) half the calories but double the times sent eating C) Double the calroies but half the time spent eating D)Achange in metabolism hat slows weight gain 7)Algorithm: A)Amechanical, repetitive procedure for solvin
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