Chapter 6 Reliability/Validity

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Chance fluctuations in the measurements Random Error. one makes are referred to as Convergent validity and discriminant Construct validity are important in evaluating the _____ of a test In order to estimate the internal- Spearman-Brown consistency reliability of a test, one would use the __________ formula In order to evaluate the __________ of a study, one must examine the extent to which the relationship External Validity observed can be generalized across variations in persons, settings, and treatments In order to evaluate the stability or dependability Reliability of one's measurements, one should carefully examine the measuring instruments Questions involving the __________ of Reliability an instrument focus on how consistent or stable an instrument is Ruling out plausible rival hypotheses is Internal Validity important in establishing the __________ of an experiment actually represent the kinds of material they aret Content validity supposed to represent are considered to be high in which type of validity The ability to rule out plausible rival Internal hypotheses is critical for assessing which type of validity The degree of relatedness of the Reliability of Components individual items of a test is evaluated by examining the test's To assess __________, one examines Criterion Validity the concurre
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