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Chapter 1 Exam

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A Priori Method: People rely primarily on their Experimental: The purpose of __________ individual powers of reason & logic to make sense research is to identify causal relationships between of the world & explain it to others. variables. Active Deception: the process of misinforming a Experimental Research: "How things are and research participant about some aspect of a study how they got to be that way" - studies that seek so that the individual is not aware of the clues to cause-effect relationships by manipulating investigator's intent in the project one or more factors (independent variables) while controlling others (holding them constant) Ad Hoc Hypothesis: A conjecture or speculation developed on the spot to explain a result. Method of Authority: Pierce's term for the Explanation made up for results that is plausible presumption that something is true because but not warranted by the relationship observed. someone in a position of authority says so. Aesthetic Aspect of Science: The beauty of Method of Tenacity: Most primitive approach & elegance of scientific theories, experiments, or bound by tradition; people cling to claims or beliefs other facets. just because they've been around for a while Behavioral Research: Covers the use of empirical Methodological Pluralism: The use of multiple reasoning strategies for investigating phenomena of interest is (careful logic, organized observation) from known as different methodological vantage points in an Methodological Pluralism: Researchers use effort to understand how and why people act, different methods perceive, feel, and think as they do. (tools & designs) because each is limited in Behavioral Science: a broad term used to some way. Each method represents & reflects characterize scientific disciplines that study a particular perspective on phenomenon of motivation, cognition, and behavior. interest and the multifaceted complexity of Descriptive: The go
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