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Review Guidelines InfantChild Development 331Chapter 71Describe the components of the store model of informationprocessing What roles do attention the central executive and strategies play 2How can development occur in the store model of informationprocessing 3What is the evidence for increases in capacity in memory span and processing speed4Describe Sieglers model of strategy choice How is it evolutionary Make sure you understand the overlapping waves pattern of strategy use5What is the difference between sustained and selective attention What is the orientation reflex and when is it most active during a childs life How is sustained attention measured6What factors contribute to development of sustained attention7In what phases order also does use of attentional strategies appear How are these phases different 8What is cognitive inhibition How does development of inhibition support cognitive development9What are the hallmarks of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder the general categories not all those DSM symptoms What underlies the symptoms What problems can result for children with ADHD How is ADHD treated10What are some strategies for storing information Which ones do children use earlier which ones later When do children systema
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