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Review Guidelines InfantChild Development Chapter 3 1What are genotypephenotype not just the definitions you have to be able to apply this2What is the relationship between DNA chromosomes and genes And how do you get from having genes to being a complex being3What are autosomes sex chromosomes gametes and zygotes4Whats an allele What does it mean to be homozygous or heterozygous for an allele5In dominantrecessive inheritance how do you know which allele is expressed in a heterozygous person What are some autosomal diseases6How does Xlinked inheritance work What are some Xlinked diseases7How are chromosomal abnormalities different from autosomalXlinked diseases8What is the problem in Downs syndrome What is the main risk factor for having a child with Downs9What is the difference between fraternal and identical twins10What factors influence twinning11What are the periods of prenatal development from when to when do they run How are these periods different from trimesters of pregnancy12What are the functions of the placenta and umbilical cord what is the difference between them13Why is it important to know which or
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