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Review questions Chapter 7b – Schools 9b 1 Work beside School 1. How has the worker status of high school students changed in the past century? 2. What is the relationship between work and school in nonindustrialized countries? 3. What is the pattern of employment among adolescents in industrialized countries other than the US? 4. What types of jobs do American adolescents have? What differences according to age and gender? 5. What are the characteristics of most of the jobs thatAmerican adolescents fill? 6. What are the ‘benefits’that are supposed to accrue to those who have part-time employment while in school? 7. What is the evidence that having part-time employment while in school increases responsibility? 8. What is the general trend in the relationship between hours worked in part-time employment while in school and school performance? 9. What is the evidence that part-time employment while in school “keeps kids out of trouble”? 10. What are the suggested explanations for the association between work and smoking, drinking and drug use? 11. Explain the idea of premature affluence. What are thought to be the effects of premature affluence?
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