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Review questions Chapter 7a – Schools Schooling 1. How has the amount of time spent in school changed in the past century? 2. How does time in school differ between America and other countries? (generally) 3. Explain how industrialization, urbanization and immigration contributed to the rise of compulsory education? 4. How did the comprehensive high school curriculum differ from the curricula before? 5. What were the three functions that the comprehensive high schools in America were supposed to fulfill under one roof? 6. Give examples of school curriculum changes that were made for public policy reasons. 7. What was the purpose of NCLB? School organization 8. How (very generally) do the Dutch and German school systems discussed in class differ from the American system in tracking, transitions between tracks, specialization, social promotion, national exams, and transitions to work? 9. What are the advantages of big schools? 10. What are the advantages of small schools? 11. What are the findings on the effects of class size? For what groups of kids are small class sizes always better? 12. How has the number of transitions between schools changed since 1900s? 13. What effects do the transitions between schools have on kids? Why is this? 14. How do secondary sc
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