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Review questions chapter 5Family1What is the stereotype view of adolescenceteenagerhood2Explain the notion of a generation gap3What is the actual evidence for a generation gap between adolescents and their parents4What is the effect of parents buying into the stereotype of teenagerhood5What do parents and teens fight about6Explain the idea of families as dynamic systems 7What changes do the parents go through when the children go through adolescence8Compare the concerns and changes of parents at midlife and teenagers during adolescence9How do family needs and functions change during adolescence10How are adolescents relationships with their mothers and fathers different11What were the original 2 dimensions of parenting that Diane Baumrind suggested How are these 2 dimensions unpacked by some researchers What are the advantages of this unpacking12What are Baumrinds 4 parenting styles 13What are the effects on children of the 4 parenting styles14What is the fifth parenting style How does it fall on the unpacked dimensions15How does authoritative parenting have the effect that it does16What is the difference between behavioral and psychological control What are the effects of low behavioral control What are the effects of high psychological control17What are the ethnic differences in the incidence and effects of childrearing styles18What is the subject ma
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