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Health Psychology Health Psychology the behavior and lifestyle related to physical health and illness through prevention treatment causal models health care systems public opinion and policyField that helps identify ways to effectively promote healthy behavioroGetting people to act on information benefits or risksField that examines peoples healthrelated decision makingField that studies and promotes effective communication between patients and providersField that seeks ways to promote resilience and successful coping when faced with physical illness Field that elucidates ways external events get under our skin and affect our healthHealth Psychologists Health decision makingWeight managementPatientprovider communicationMessage framingoShaping the way you present information to the patientPersonality and healthPalliative careoWhen there is no cure for the pain terminally ill patientsPediatric oncology serviceGenetic counselingPsychoneuroimmunologyPain clinic CH 1 BACKGROUND AND HISTORYHealth Psychology Germs and behavior affect our overall health everyday and medicine is not always the cureCauses of death are usually due to our behavioroYou can get bypass surgery but still be back in the same position a few years later because your behavior has not changedoWe need to learn how to prevent health issuesAllows expertise in behavior changes prevention measurement theories and methods Causes of death has increased to behaviorally caused diseases heart and cancer and decreased in medicinecured diseases Pneumonia 1900 118 2009 22Tuberculosis 1900 113 2009 10Heart disease 1900 62 2009 246Cancer 1900 37 2009 233 Chronic Diseases develop and persistrear affecting people over long periods of time2000sheart disease cancer stroke1900spneumonia tuberculosis diarrhea enteritis Changes in health Infant mortality we have more knowledge about how to prevent SIDS and everyday things to practice keep them on their backs when they sleep dont leave things that can suffocate them around themoThis also ranges across ethnicities and cultures Nutrition we have developed technologies to be able to have access to fruits and veggies year round and there is much more education out there for people to make better choicesoFood companies have also developed the technology to engineer their product so that it maximizes addictionThey engineer the food so that you want more and moreEnvironment we have more technology and more roadsWe are now highly concerned about road safetyKnowledge we are able to identify people with contagious and spreadable diseases quicker and more efficiently and act accordinglyPrevention we now have enough understanding of things so that we can enforce how to prevent problems Treatment we have much more advances in surgeries transplants technologiesoMedical costs have increased faster than inflationoIncreasing numbers in population are increasing medical costsLower agechronic illnessoPrevention limit servicesEmphasize early detection of disease and change to healthier lifestyles Access to care emergency vehicles that can get you to care or care for you on the sight of injuryQuality and timing of careDisparities between socioeconomic statuses Causes of death vary among ethnicities due to socioeconomic disadvantages health insurance and medical careoDue to low income and low educationoHealth overall is low due to insufficient prenatal care due to low income less to feed baby and less education physical abuseInfant mortality higher in certain communities than others due to their socioeconomic statusesLife expectancyoInfants born today are expected to live more than a generation longer than their grandparentsoIncreaselowering of infant mortalityPrevention of disease vaccination safe drinking water and milk efficient sewage disposalHealthier lifestyleHealth the physical mental and social well being of the bodyBiomedical model the traditional view of western medicinedefines health as the absence of diseaseoTheir body is functioning fine but they dont appear to be in a state of well beingoConceptualizes disease exclusively as a biological process that is a mechanistic result of exposure to a pathogen oPathogendiseasecausing organismCompatible with infectious diseases but not chronic illness Biopsychosocial model the approach to health that includes biological psychological and social influencesoYour mental state of mind your social functioning your ability to react to biomedical treatmentsLooking at the whole personoMany diseases result from this combo and genetics physiology social supportPersonal control stress compliance personality poverty ethnicity cultural beliefsAdvocates holistic approach to medicineoA person who has no disease condition is not sick but they may not be healthy eitherWHO health is a state of complete physical mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmityWho is healthy Presence of diseaseoAcuteoChronic
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