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01:830:271 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Synaptic Pruning, Myelin, Prefrontal Cortex

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Principles of Developmental Psychology S17
L. Dickson
Unit 2 Lecture Study Questions PART 1
What is the ma jor qua lita tive difference betwee n sens orimotor thinking and pre ope ra tiona l
Se nsorimotor thinking did not include me nta l re prese nta tion, an obje ct was only thought
to e xis t if it wa s in front of a child. In pre opera tiona l thinking, me ntal re pre s enta tion is
a va ila ble a nd the re is object pe rma ne nce. Also, there is s ymbolic repre s e nta tion a s we ll
a s pre te nd play.
What a re conse rva tion ta sks ?
Unde rs ta nding multiple ta s ks to unde rs ta nd things correctly
Unde rs ta nding tha t volume is a concept (wate r pouring e xa mple )
Why do pre -ope ra tional thinke rs fail a t the m, a ccording to P iage t (the re a re a t le a st 2 re a sons)?
The y have the qua lity of ce ntration only thinking a bout one conce pt
When the y a re a s ked the que s tion twice , the y think tha t the ir first a ns wers a re wrong
What is ce ntration, and wha t doe s it ha ve to do with cons e rva tion tasks?
Cha racte ris tica lly thinking a bout one a s pe ct; re s ulting in illogica l thinking
Conse rvation ta s ks requires unde rs ta nding of multiple things a t once , therefore the la ck of
ce ntration.
What is s e ria tion? Why do pre ope ra tiona l thinke rs fail a t s e riation, a ccording to P ia ge t?
Orga nizing obje cts in order of he ight
Pre opera tiona l thinke rs fail a t this due to the ir cons ta nt ne e d to group things ba s e d on
couples; girl groupe d things a s big, middle , and little
What did P iage t mea n by e goce ntrism?
Ina bility to think a bout the world, solve proble ms, or reason logica lly from anothe r
pe rs pe ctive tha n their own
o If a child s e e s a mounta in from thre e different vie ws he will s till think tha t his
pe rs pe ctive is the one tha t e ve ryone s e e s , no ma tte r whe re the y a re sta nding
What a re the ma in cha ra cte ris tics of the informa tion proce s s ing a pproa ch to cognition?
Input goe s unde r s e ns ory re giste r working memory long te rm memory working
me mory
Qua ntitative ; me a s uring things in numbe rs slowe r/fa s te r a t proce s s ing
Difference s in proce ss ing spe e d informa tion goe s through quickly as you a ge due to
syna ptic pruning
How doe s the informa tion proce s s ing a pproa ch des cribe de ve lopme nta l change ? (Whe re does it
sta nd on the continuity vs discontinuity issue ? )
Continuity be ca use informa tion is cons ta ntly a va ila ble to be proces se d
Doe s P iage t a gre e with the informa tion proces s ing a pproa ch on this issue ? Explain.
No P iage t doe s not a gre e , he thinks tha t P iage t did not in explain or go into a ny de ta il
rega rding wha t informa tion proces s ing is or how it works.
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