01:830:321 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Random Assignment, Cocktail Party, Affective Forecasting

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Sociology tends to focus on ___ while social psychology tends to focus on ___. Cognitive psychologists study learning, reasoning, mental processes, not necessarily social processes. An organized set of principles used to explain observed phenomena. Basic research is designed to test a specific hypothesis from a specific theory. Applied research is designed to find solutions to practical problems: conceptual vs. Random sampling is selecting ps to be in the study so that everyone in a population has an equal chance of being in the study. Dependent variable?- independent variable is what we expect causes an outcome, the variable that the experimenter can control and manipulate. Dependent variable is measured to see if they are affected by the. Iv: be able to identify and translate conceptual variables to operationalized variables. Conceptual is a general thing whereas operational definition is more specific and useful to the study. The abcs of the self: affect: self-esteem, behavior: self-presentation, cognition: self-concept.

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