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Chapter 5 - the self structure and content self-concept. Self concept the content of the self that is our knowledge about who we are. James speculated in nature of mind and how it works. I & me: i = (experiential consciousness) i think therefore i am . Me = (self-concept) my knowledge and feelings about self ; more static than. Interdependent view of the self a way of defining oneself in terms of one"s relationships to other people i. e. as someone"s daughter, employee, etc. Beliefs about self: self-esteem an overall global evaluation (affective judgment) about one"s value and competency > general feeling; not necessarily related to specifics such as attractiveness, talent, etc. Self esteem not static > it changes. State self esteem > momentary >fluctuates: rotter"s locus of control systems/sets of beliefs how much input of power you have for the outcomes in life.