01:830:364 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Drug Delivery, Seminal Vesicle, Meprobamate

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Prevention of addiction before it starts; scare tactics and drugs are bad approaches fail to curb drug use by children at high risk. Public anti-drug programs are largely ineffective such as: But one works (only one certified by the federal government) Recovery coach program: new recovery program turns addicts into counselors instead of sending them to jail. Can identify 90% of highest risk children. Middle schoolers take personality test to identify the outliers. Workshops run by teachers trained in therapy techniques. Cut overall drinking by 29% , even among non-outliers - lack of peer-pressure. High risk kids- binge drinking dropped by 43% Correlational studies - personality traits associated with drug addiction. Associating with drug abusers increases contact with non-conformists. High impulsivity predisposes subsequent vulnerability to drug abuse. Rats that respond to novelty by providing high locomotor output (high responders) are those that show high levels of novelty induced glucocorticoid release (piazza & le moal)

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