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01:920:101 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Ascribed Status, Moral Relativism, Achieved Status

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Sociology Midterm Review
Private troubles and public issues
o Personal troubles governed by public issues taken in context of
each other
o Personal troubles are individual, willful activity and are
conditions of public issues.
Intersection of history and biography
Representative sample
o When a small group dictates a larger group. Usually smaller
goups do’t speak fo a lage populatio, ut representative
sample groups are the opposite where the smaller group is
accurate in depicting the larger population.
Moral relativism and ethnocentrism
o Moal elatiis: Positio that oal/ethial popositios do’t
reflect objective moral truths but make claims relative to social,
cultural, or personal circumstances
o Ethnocentrism: evaluating/seeing other cultures according to
the standards and customs of your own culture.
Generalized other (Mead)
o How we think others will react to us.
Moral entitlement (Goffman)
o Groups/people are raised and stigmatized in a certain way.
When placed in different situations, however, they may feel
either a sense of entitlement or a feeling of lesser entitlement
than others
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