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01:920:101 Final: 01:920:101 Lecture : Final Study Guide_Gender & Crime:Deviance

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Sergei Erofeev
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Gender, Race
Socialization - the social processes through which children develop an awareness of social norms
and values and achieve a distinct sense of self
Primary socialization
- socialization from infancy to early childhood
Secondary socialization
- socialization from early childhood through adult life
Gender socialization
- the learning of gender roles through social factors such as schooling, the
media, and family
Intersectionality a sociological perspective that holds that our multiple group memberships affect
our lives in ways that are distinct from single group memberships
Gender: sexual division of labor- women carry out expressive roles in providing care and security
to their children while men carry out instrumental roles, being the breadwinner
Gender typing:
women holding occupations of lower status and pay
Access to education
Three major sociological theories of the role schooling
Deviance - modes of action that do not conform to the norms or values held by most members of
a group or society
what is regarded as deviant is as variable as the norms and values that distinguish different
cultures and subcultures from one another
forms of behaviors that are highly esteemed by one group may be regarded negatively by
Sanction - a mode of reward or punishment that reinforces socially expected forms of behavior
can be positive (rewards for conformity) or negative (punishment for non-conformity)
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