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Sergei Erofeev
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Society, culture, sense of self
- a group of people who live in a particular territory, are subject to a common system of
political authority, and are aware of having a distinct identity from other groups ( a system of
interrelationships that connects individuals)
Culture -
the values the members of a group hold, the norms they follow, the material goods they
create, and the languages and symbols they use to construct their understanding of the world,
including both speech and writing
Cultural universals - values or modes of behavior shared by all human cultures
Values - ideas held by individuals or groups about what is desirable, proper, good and bad
Norms - principles or rules of social life that everyone is expected to observe
Culture, Facebook, self esteem
The effect of social media, such as Facebook, on young adults sense of themselves is more often
negative than positive
Self-esteem decreases because people make unfavorable comparisons with their own lives
Historical types of societies
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