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Jenn Coke Fall 2012 PopulationSocietyExam 1 Study GuideWhat is demography The scientific study of human populationsWhat is the approximate size of the worlds population today 7 billionWhat is the approximate size of the US population today 314 millionWhere does the US rank in terms of the worlds most populous countries today ThirdWhats the most populous country in the world today What is projected to be the most populous country in 2050 China today India in 2050Which one or more of the following is NOT expected to be one of the worlds ten most populous countries in 2050 Japan and RussiaWhat is the definition of population size The number of people in a populationWhat is the definition of population density The number of people in a given geographic areaWhat is the definition of population compositionThe makeup of population in terms of characteristics such as age sex ethnicityraceHow are population size density and composition different HINT Think about the diagram with the different shapes presented in classSize is population as a whole density is population in a given area and composition is what different kinds of people the population is composed ofWhat is the difference between absolute and relative population sizeAbsolute is the population as a whole and relative population is the population compared to a different population like US is 3rd compared to other populationsWhat three basic demographic processes affect population size and changeFertility births Mortality deaths Migration movement of people across bordersWhat is a closed population What is an open populationClosed population Population with no migration Open population Population with migrationHow do you measure population growth in a closed population in general termsThrough birthsdeaths natural increaseHow do you measure population growth in an open population in general termsThrough births deathsmigration natural increasenet migrationWhat does natural increase mean to demographersDifference between births and deaths in a given time period
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