ANTH 101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Mutation, Homo Rudolfensis, Stone Tool

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Published on 6 Oct 2020
Put answers under questions in highlight please!
The last Neandertals date to:
32,000 yBP
What are some modern human traits that the Nariokotome Boy Discovered at Lake Turkana
(Homo erectus) showed?
Shorter arms and longer legs than those of earlier hominins
What do African Homo erectus cranial features include?
Thick cranial bones
Specimens of ____ have been discovered at the following sites: Broken Hill, Dali, and
Archaic Homo Sapiens
What are the most distinctive features of cold adaptation in Neanderthals?
The body and the length of the arms and the legs
During your lab you are asked to identify the pathological feature of spongy bone invading the
eye socket that occurs in the interior upper surface of the eye sockets. What is your diagnosis of
the condition?
Criba orbitalia, resulting from iron-deficiency anemia or parasitic infection
Sub-Saharan Africans show the largest genetic diversity of any human population. What is a
likely cause of this?
The accumulations of genetic mutations over time
The levallois method of stone tool production is associated with the ___ culture:
What features show that Homo Erectus walked just like a modern human?
Double arches and big toe
A __ is a scientist who studies plant remains in the archaeological record.
As glaciers melt ____ and ____ will occur:
Fresh water will be released, sea level will rise
What do comparisons of the bones from hunter gatherers to later agriculturalists to modern
people show?
A remarkable decline in size
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After about what age do all adults out experience age related bone loss?
According to John Relethford what is the explanation for Africa’s high genetic diversity
compared to Europe and Asia?
Genetic drift increases genetic diversity in larger populations over time
What does Out of Africa model assert?
A single origin of modern people and eventual replacement of archaic Homo Sapiens
throughout Africa, Asia
Who discovered Pithecanthropus erectus?
Eugene Dubois
Global Warming is the result of anthropogenic interference, which means:
The archaeological record suggests that farming began in southeastern Turkey by:
10,500 yBP
The earliest fossil evidence for Homo erectus in Western Europe dates from ___ mya and was
found in ___
1.2, Sima del elefante
How is climate change likely related to the agricultural revolution?
Agriculture did not develop until the climate changed to become more stable
What was the first hominid to migrate beyond Africa?
Homo Erectus
What does the Multiregional Continuity hypothesis suppose?
Multiregional theory: homo erectus left Africa 2 mya to become homo sapiens in
different parts of the world. The Multiregional Continuity Model15 contends that after
Homo erectus left Africa and dispersed into oth portions of the Old World, regional
populations slowly evolved into modern humans. Idk what the test answer is
The transition to modernity took place regionally and without involving replacement.---Correct
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