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in both of them to protect the body water levels? A: Antidiuretic hormone If you drink caffeine which causes an inhibition of the release of Antidiuretic hormone, what occurs? A: You have an increase in urine production A football player is sweating profusely during a game on a hot, dry day. What part of the cell controls the movement of water into her cells? A: Cell Membrane Three Mexican fisherman were reported to have spent 9 months floating in the ocean. If they had drunk salt water, what would have happened to their cells. A: Salt water is hypertonic and it would draw water from the cells of the fisherman causing a dehyration state Antidiuretic hormone is released from which structure? A: Brain friend of yours has been drinking all night and comes home and vomits most of the night. She ends up with the dry heaves. In the morning she is very thirsty. The sensation of thirst is due to which of the following? A: Decrease in extracellular volume Similar to the process in animal cells, plasmolysis is a process in plant cells where the cytoplasm of the cell shrinks while it is in a hypertonic environment. What is the name of the similar process in animal cells? A: Crenation 4. 5. 6. 4B: A SDSU tennis player is drinking Gatorade and her opponent is drinking oxygenated water in Borrego Springs where the temperature is 120F. The SDSU student wins the match. This proves which of the following? 7. A: The data is not sufficient to draw any conclusions. 8. 9. 10. 5A: Water is considered to be important since 11. A: It is the chemical solvent needed for all chemical reactions in the cell 12. 13.
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