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HIST 100 Final: History 100 Final Study Guide - Americas, China, Middle East, Europe

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HIST 100

Of the following 6 questions, 3 will appear on the exam. Respond to all 3 with essays that are both concise and sufficiently detailed. Essays must be organized using thesis sentences and supported by appropriate evidence to have a chance of receiving full credit. Answer sheets will be provided. 1. Trace the development of civilizations in SubSaharan Africa from the time of Ancient Nubia through the Bantu migrations down to the rise of larger empires in the area around the Niger River. Earliest African civilization = Along Nile River Valley Nubia 4000 BCE: linked to Ancient Egypt; region south of Egypt 1100 BCE100CE Kush developed: wealthy from trading ivory, gold more, provided armies Capital: Meroe, specialized in iron working + technology Crumbled due to foreign competition and desertification (growing of the desert) 1000 BCE Ethiopian Civilization First kingdom to take up Christianity Geography (mountains desert) made it difficult to invade Great source of spices and gold One of the oldest independent state Bantu Migrations began happening in 2000 BCE Moved west to east Shared common culture, language, and lifestyle Small villages, peaceful, kinship relations were relaxed Kinship and lineage decided social class but for the most part all people kept about the same statu (besides kings) They Picked up Iron working from nubia and spread it through bantu villages. Indian Ocean Coast East African CityStates ~100CE Malindi, Kilwa, Zanzibar They were trade centers, connecting to Asia Products: Gold, animal skins, ivory, wood, slaves Known for aromatic woods and woodwork Politically independentmulticultural + spoke Swahili (mix of Arabic and Bantu) Islam Sufism were carried by merchants West African Ghana: 8301225, set up by Sundiata had gold salt deposits Mali: 12301450s, Mansa Musa (king), had Islam + writing Timbuktu: great center of Islam
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