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MKTG 372

Management exam 3LeadershipHow do leaders differ from managers Leaders influence ppl based on more than just position legitimate power Influence ppl based off personality etc more than just the position the company gives youManagers carry out responsibilitiesexercise authority Do what your daily roles are what position says to do Ex make scheduleLeaders shift direction transformationManagers make things a little better sales efficiency Just tweak things a little bit like improve sales Managers work with in what their asked to do Managers can be leaders too thoughTrait Theories of Leadership What makes the leader better than another traits theyre born w Theories that consider personality social physical or intellectual traits to differentiate leaders from nonleaders LEADERS ARE BORN NOT MADE Leadership traitsAmbitionenergy describes extraversiontends to emerge as a leaderThe desire to leadHonestyIntegritySelfconfidenceIntelligence effectiveness of a leader is best interpreted by emotional intelligenceJobrelevant knowledgeTrait Theories LimitationsNo universal traits that predict leadership in all situationsTraits predict behavior better in weak than strong situationsUnclear evidence of the causeeffect relationship of leadershiptraitsExtroversion Better predictor of the appearance of leadership than distinguishing effectiveineffective leadersIt is so hard to change these things within a leader or train leaders to have these traits since they say we are born with these traitsBehavioral Theory Theories proposing that specific behaviors differentiate leaders from nonleaders Leadership traits can be taught so we can train be to exhibit what we wantConcern for productionTaskorientated focusing a lot on taks goalsstructure Ex initiating structure productionorientedConcern for pplRelationship oriented Being ppl oriented doesnt mean you dont care about goals but want to develop employees moraleattitudes Ex considerationemployeeorientedTRAIT RESEARCH PROVIDES A BASIS FOR SELECTING THE RIGHT PPL FOR LEADERSHIP IN CONTRAST BEHAVORIAL STUDIES IMPLIED WE COULD TRAIN PPL TO BE LEADERSInitiating structure a leader is likely to definestructure their rolethose of employees in the search for goal attainment Productionoriented leader leader emphasizes technical or task aspects of the jobConsideration a person s job relationships are characterized by mutual trust respect for employees ideasregard for their feelings Employeeoriented leader takes an interest of the needs of employeesContingency TheoriesFiedlers contingency model The theory that effective groups depend on a proper match bw a leaders style of interacting w subordinatesthe degree to which the situation gives controlinfluence to the leaderLook at the leaders behaviors or traitslook at the situationthen combine the two Least preferred coworker questionnaire An instrument that purports to measure whether a person is task or relationship oriented You are a relationship leader if you dont really like someone but you still rate them well on a surveyperson Task find ppl difficult to work withLeadermember relations the degree of confidence trustrespect subordinates have in their leader Position Power influence derived from ones formal structural position in the organization includes power to hire fire discipline promotegive salary increasesTask structure the degree to which the job assignments are procedurized that is structured or unstructuredEx high level task structure if its clear what youre doing
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