REL S 100 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Epicureanism, Docetism, Infectious Mononucleosis

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6 Oct 2020
1. Jesus’ early ministry takes place in this region.
a. Rome (not even close to Israel)
b. Jerusalem (ends here)
c. The Galilee
d. Alexandria
2. In the Gospel of John, the resurrection of this individual causes the authorities to seek Jesus’
a. Lazarus
b. Paul
c. Judas
d. Mary Magdalene
3. Review) Which of the following terms refers to a unifying cultural language that spread throughout
the ancient world before the time of Jesus.
a. Mononucleosis
b. Gnosticism
c. Epicureanism
d. Hellenism
4. The Gospel of Luke includes a number of familiar stories – many of which emphasize the
importance of forgiveness. Which is an example of one of these stories?
a. The prodigal son
b. Doubting Thomas
c. Raising of Lazarus
d. The sermon on the mount
5. This individual is responsible for putting Jesus to death but is often treated in the Gospels with
surprisingly mixed and even positive descriptions.
a. Theophilus
b. Pontious Pilate
c. Herod
d. Peter
6. The story of this individual and his doubt in the resurrection appears at the climax of the Gospel
of John with an emphasis on truly perceiving Jesus.
a. Thomas (doubts Jesus known as Doubting Thomas)
b. Pontious Pilate (condemner of Jesus)
c. Judas (betrayer of Jesus)
d. James (apostle brother of Thomas pretty sure)
7. How does the idea of the Incarnation relate to the theological topic of Christology?
a. The incarnation is an example of Low Christology
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