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8/30/17: religion, religare, latin root, re plus ligare. The sacred always manifests itself as a reality of a wholly different order from natural" realities. The first possible definition of the sacred is that it is the opposite of the profane. That which goes beyond the everyday, the ordinary, the surface experience of reality. Could be true, but there is no way of knowing: monism - believes that everything is one. Everyone is the same: dualism - there"s a good one and a bad one and they don"t get along, atheists. 9/6/17: what is our working definition of religion, belief in transcendent power(s, practiced aimed at making sense of an controlling nonhuman forces, community of believers, religion in prehistoric cultures, we make conjectures based on: Implements: cave paintings, burial customs, artifacts, comparison to more recent primal cultures, the old stone age: neanderthals (250,000 - ca. Divination - the attempt to figure out what is going to happen: 8.

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