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AH 110 Chapter Notes - Chapter 16-17: Qin Shi Huang, Xia Dynasty, StonewareExam

Art History
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AH 110
Joni Hand
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AH 110
Quiz #4
China and Japan
1. What was the Purpose of the 2000 statues buried next to quin Shi Huangdi’s tomb?
They show the power and wealth of Shi Huangdi, organization in Quin imperial workshops,
and protection in the afterlife.
2. What is believed to be China’s oldest dynasty?
Xia dynasty.
3. When did jade objects begin to be buried with the dead?
In the Neolithic period.
4. How was pottery from the Neolithic Period in China made?
Pottery was fired at low temperatures in Kilns to create stoneware able to hold liquids. They
decorated pottery by applying slip and glaze.
5. What was guang used for?
A guang was used for pouring wine.
6. What is the Silk Road?
A trade route that connected the east and the west to transport goods like silk, gold, ivory,
spices, and fur.
7. What were walls used for in Chinese houses?
Screens separating the inside form the outside and room to room.
8. How was jade carved?
By using cords embedded with sand to create lines. And sand in a bamboo tube to drill holes.
9. What does jomon” mean?
Jomon means cord markings.
10. What is a dotaku?
A bell used as a ceremonial object.
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