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AH 110 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Cyclopean Masonry, Minos, Minoan CivilizationExam

Art History
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AH 110
Joni Hand
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AH 110
Quiz 7
1. Name the three Aegean cultures discussed in chapter 4.
Cycladic, Minoans, and Myceneans.
2. What material did Cycladic artists use to create their sculptures?
3. What was the name of the legendary home of King Minos?
Palace of Knossos
4. What is one characteristic of Kamares vases?
Creamy white and reddish-brown decorations on a black background.
5. What is faience?
Low-fired opaque glass-like silicate.
6. Name three methods from spanning a passageway that are discussed in chapter 4.
Corbeled-arch construction (vaults and domes), post and lintel, and dromos.
7. What is Cyclopean masonry?
Walls of huge, irregularly shaped boulders. The Greeks could not believe that men
constructed these.
8. What is the repousse technique?
Method of decorating metal in which part of the design is raised in relief from the back.
9. Which hideous beast did Theseus kill in the labyrinth?
10. What does the Bull Leaping fresco represent?
Minoan ceremony of bull-leaping young men grab horns of a bull vaulting onto its back.
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