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AH 110 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Stone Carving, Archaic Greece, Corinthian OrderExam

Art History
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AH 110
Joni Hand
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AH 110
Quiz #8
1. What is the earliest period of Greek art discussed in the book?
2. What was one cultural influence found in Greek Orientalizing art?
Eastern artwork, especially small, portable objects such as Syrian ivory carvings.
3. Which past culture’s style is Greek Archaic sculptures modeled after?
4. What is a Kouros?
Marble statue that emulates the stance of Egyptian slaves.
5. What is the earliest “order” of Greek architecture?
6. On what did Polykleitos base his idea for the perfect statue?
Mathematical formula proportions.
7. What is a pediment?
Triangular upper part of the front of a building.
8. What does a Corinthian capital look like?
Ornate flowers
9. What wouldn’t the Old Market Women, from the Hellenistic period, have been acceptable
as a subject in earlier Greek periods?
Early Greek artists did not consider the elderly as suitable subjects because they were the
lowest rungs of society,
10. What is a caryatid?
Stone carving of a draped female figure used as a pillar.
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