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BIOL 100
Heather, Murdock

4 Transport Protein Traits of Organisms Movechannelpumps things around 1 Made of cells inout of cell 2 Respond to stimuli chemical reaction 5 Defense Protein Either attackhelp 3 GrowDevelop invaders WGB 4 Reproduction 5 Utilize energy photosynthesis ect 4 Types of Lipids 6 Homeostasis keep things constant 1 Fats insulation energy source cushion 7 Maintain favorable environment unsaturated 8 Adaptability to environmental changes 2 Phospholipids In cell membranesEnergy Flow PhotosynthesisRespirate 3 Sterols cholesterol make lipidsGlycogen is a polysaccharide hormonebilebreak down fat sexCovalent Bond Elements that share hormoneAND WAX electronsstable 1 Nucleic Acid nucleotides are buildingIon Bond Either have moreless blocks electrons than protons Opposite 1 mRNA takes code out of DNAcharge will attack each other make proteinsHydrogen Bond Break apart through 2 Amino Acids held together by replication peptic bond 3 Types of RNA 2 Types of Chemical Reaction 2 Ribosomal Build ribosomes make 1 Dehy
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