CRIJ 3378 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Informed Consent, Dependent And Independent Variables, Miranda Warning

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20 Feb 2020
EXAM 1 Ch. 1-3
- Scientific Method:
o Measurement: put value on, observe
o Replicate: use exact same method (increase reliability)
o Verification: doing replication and observe when something happens
- Vulnerable Population: Those who can’t normally consent
o Pregnant women
o Children
o Mentally disabled
o Prisoners
- Informed Consent: free to withdraw without penalty, know benefits and downsides
- Voluntary Consent: they agree
- IRB reviews:
1. Full board: if it involves vulnerable population, or risk is higher than normal risk
of everyday life
2. Expedited: most common, chair by themselves, minimal risks (exempt from full
3. Exempt: very few, doesn’t have to go into IRB at all
- Variables:
o IV: independent variable, cause
o DV: dependent variable, outcome
o Z: spurious, related to but not cause
- Halo effect: researcher loses objectivity
- Hawthorne effect: people change because people are watching them
- How research may harm somebody?
o Could out someone
o Lose their job
o Medically hurt them
- 4 purposes of research:
1. Descriptive: describe phenomenon
2. Exploratory: understand what’s going on
3. Explanatory: identify, causes, how things work
4. Evaluation: something has changed, impact
- Types of research
o Qualitative: want to know why, explanatory
o Quantitative: about numbers, how many?
- Ethical guidelines
o Internal: our group, own discipline
University: IRB
o External guidelines: federal and state laws
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