HIST 1110 Final: Timeline 2

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HIST 1110
Richard Allington

Martha Briscoe Richard Allington History 1110-04 8 May 2017 Timeline 2 1. Five Pecks of the Rice Rebellion (184 AD) 2. Council of Nicaea (325 AD) 3. Battle of Adrianople (378 AD) 4. The Sack of Rome (410 AD) 5. Fall of the Western Empire (476 AD) 6. Fall of the Gupta Empire (550 AD) 7. Reunification of the Chinese Empire under Sui Dynasty (589 AD) 8. Death of Muhammad (632 AD) 9. Battle of Yarmuk (636 AD) 10. Muslim Conquest of Spain (711 AD) 11. Battle of Tours  Muslims and Charles Martel (732 AD) 12. The Abbasid Revolution (750 AD) 13. Charlemagne (768-814 AD) 14. Viking Invasions of the Carolingian Empire 15. Treaty of Verdun (843 AD) 16. Abbey of Cluny begins (910 AD) 17. Election of Pope Leo IX (1049) 18. Eastern Orthodox Schism (1054) 19. Abbot Suger and the Gothic Reformation (1081-1151) 20. Crusader
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