CHEM 35 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Pi Bond, Racemic Mixture, Advanced Land Observation Satellite

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Pbr3 can be used as place holder j. Even when oxidizing: draw wittig reaction like this, consider that a ring may form, acetone may form acetal, nh2 group will attack a ketone spontaneously, first form double bond with o that is nearest i. If alcohol is in the reagents, consider the alcohol addition to the ketone: we like 5 and 6 membered rings i. If you have oh group in same molecule as ketone, then reacts with ketone k. If unknown regiochem, consider mechanism and resonance of rest of molecule l. Here is seems that electroneg is more important (between n and o, then electroneg is more important resonance) Lda then br2 to add d, first need to make enolate with lda then h2o kinetic product = irreversible = faster formed = colder conditions thermodynamic product = reversible = slow formation = more stable. = warmer conditions higher bond energy means more likely to form.