CS 106A Study Guide - Final Guide: Semicolon, Binary Search Algorithm, Parsing

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Gobject: origin upper left of object a. i. Glabel nameoflabel = new glabel ( text , x, y); Glabel label = new glabel ( hello, world , x, y); d. Origin is left baseline (left: colors, geometric objects j. Size of graphics window getwidth() getheight() returns width/height of graphics window: receiver of these objects is. Graphicsprogram itself so we don"t specify separate object as receiver. Set location of label last (so that it takes into account font) Take into account that getheigth() takes height of line while getascent() gets height of letters. Expressions: remember that int division will have different results than double division, operations, priority. 2==2 || (3==3 && 4<3) true || false true true: type casting = treat one type as another for one operation o. i. Put type before variable to change it o. ii. Int types cut off the decimal, no rounding o. iii.

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