CS 246 Quiz: CS246 Quiz 6

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Robert: home page, handouts, tutorials, homeworks, lab projects, reports, class administration, question bank, log out. You can attempt to answer the questions as many times as you like. The score of the *last* submission gets saved into our records (that is, once you get a perfect score, don"t submit again with a bad one): consider the following undirected graph (i. e. , edges may be considered bidirectional): Run the trawling algorithm for finding dense communities on this graph and find all complete bipartite subgraphs of types k3,2 and k2,2. Note: in the case of k2,2, we consider {{w, x}, {y, At each iteration, you choose a node u and update community membership factor. Due to memory limit, you can query the information only for the neighbors of node u (not all the other nodes in the network). Imagine that you are looking at the following node u who has four neighbors: http://www. newgradiance. com/cru/servlet/cotc?command=previewhomework&sessionid=d7746f0485a7182af1486295a05aa5e4cb6a1f34&testid=859& 1/2.

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