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ANT 104 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Josephus, Field Research, Ian Hodder

Anthropology, Cultural and Archaeology
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ANT 104
Study Guide

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Intro to Archaeology Midterm Study Guide
Ruled by Duke of Naples
Very patriotic, wanted Italy united
Prohibited excavations in Pompeii
Only allowed Fiorelli to excavate and published his findings yearly
Created the longest running field school
Giuseppe Fiorelli
Invented plaster of paris technique
A good archaeologist always leaves part of the site unexcavated
Fiorelli found more artifacts than antiquarianists because he know how to dig
Systematic large horizontal excavations
Sounding trenches → small trench, excavated very deep
Scale of excavations
Small individual houses
Entire city blocks and public
Art and treasure
All material culture
Private collections
Published museum exhibits
Account of the event credited to Flavius Josephus
“Siccari” led by Eleazar Ben Yair
Jews fled to Masada because they despised Romans
Romans wanted to show off to Parthians
Built a ramp to masada
Yair had a lottery and people killed people until last three people committed suicide
The Aryan Debate
1. Were ancestral aryans responsible for particular groups of bronze age?
2. How do you explain differences in artifacts
Childe vs. Kossina
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