CSE 214 Study Guide - Final Guide: Linked List, Adjacency Matrix, Multiple Edges

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Cse 214: study guide graphs, representation of graphs, weight graphs. Graphs: a set of vertices and collection of edges. Undirected: one node is connected to an another node through an edge. The edge does not have any direction and it just a connection between the nodes. Directed: one node is connected to another node through an edge. However, the edge has a direction, either pointing from a to b or b to a. This will determine the position of the nodes when traversing, and filling other data structures with. Simple: a simple graph has only single edges from one node to another. Nodes on a graph are called vertices (vertex). Edges can have a direction on them like a to b which means that node a can go to b but b cannot go to a. These edges with directions are called directed edges. Another vertex with an edge to itself (loop) is called a loop.

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