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Walter J.

Gov. 110 FALL 2013 Prep for Test Two Topic One: Interest Groups, Parties and Voting I. Interest Groups a. What is an interest group? Give examples b. How does lobbying work? What do lobbyists do and why? c. Role of the Citizens United case d. What is a PAC? How do PACs connect interest groups with political parties? e. What are “SuperPACs”? II. Parties a. Explain historically how the US developed and maintained a two party system. b. Explain some structural reasons for a two party system such as single member districts, winner take all elections and the responsible party model. III. Voting a. How people vote – prospective and retrospective voting. b. Trend toward non-partisan or independent voting Thinking Question: Be able to connect changes in party identification with the party system. Think about the role of third parties. Do we need a third party or party reform? What has been the impact of the TEA Party? Topic Two: Campaigns and Elections I. Be able to discuss the six stages of a presidential campaign a. The invisible primary b. Primaries and caucuses (open and closed pr
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